20 Colourful years painting professionally

Some things I've learnt - a few thoughts

Posted by Mikki Longley on November 22, 2021 · 1 min read

First off - time flies when you are having fun - and I have SO much fun. Painting is like freedom wrapped up in cashmere and sprinkled with happiness to me. I know that I am lucky to love what I do. As my children have grown, I’ve been able to be totally flexible about when I work and what I work on.

Secondly - buy everything in at the best quality you can afford - from paint to printing/scanning/framing services. Quality is of utmost importance.

Networking is important to me. As an artist, I (happily) spend a great deal of time working on my own. Even one networking meeting a month gives me an anchor to focus on my business, rather than just painting. It offers vital relationships and support with others too, thus reducing isolation. Networking was so important under lock-down, even if it was a bit odd on Zoom.

Lastly, for today, take time out. I like to leave my paintings for a while, even if it’s just to go out with the dogs. It’s important to me to look at my paintings afresh as they develop.

I’m sure I’ll think of many more things I’ve learnt - perhaps that’s another blog. But for now, I’ll leave you with my playlist to go with this piece.

She moves in her own way: The Kooks

Mr Blue Sky: ELO

Vital Signs: Frank Turner

Life’s been good: Joe Walsh

Mr Brightside: The Killers

Brighter than sunshine: Aqualung